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12 reasons to fall in love with Vinyl flooring

1. Soft and comfortable walking surface!

Magicfloor is a vinyl flooring which helps feeling more comfortable. We created it to feel the warm flooring even without slippers.

Forget the slippers while watching TV

2. Strong, wear and scratch-proof!

Even your pet’s clawn can’t harm your flooring. Every single panel consist layers for optimising mechanical characteristics. These layers are unified with thermal energy to produce a solid, flexible, wear and scratch-proof coating.

3. Easy to clean!

The coating is easy to clean, to repare or to replace. Therefore you may enjoy the impression of new and gorgeous flooring for long years.

4. Absorbs sound!

Magicfloor panels have unique structure which helps to absorb sound, making your home or office a peaceful and silent place.

5. Flexible use!

Easily variable, easy to section (glue down design). Only your immagination is the limit!

6. Easy laying!

The click-system makes the laying easy for anyone. Even the glue down design is 2 times faster than tiling. There’s no need for pointing, because we manufacture the panels within a few hundredths millimeter accuracy.

7. Impermeable surface!

Water- and wineproof, even suitable for the bathroom or kitchen without any problem. The red wine leaves no marking at all. Easy living and partying.

8. Fire-resistant!

Throughout the development process of our products, we particularly cared about fireand stub-resitancy. Magicfloor succesfully complies.

9. Great surface insertion!

All of our products preform level 9 anti-slipping characteristics, therefore you may use wet floor with barefoot safely and without skidding.

10. Excellent with underfloor heating!

Magicfloor was developed for the modern trends of heating, thus all of our products are compatible with underfloor heating.

11. We protect nature, we protect your health!

We manufacture our products with the least environmental load. We particulary emphasize that our products have no emissions at all.

12. Bevelled edges!

Our products (except the Residential series) are bevelled. With this method, the edges of the panels are formed to have a V-shape. It results in not only seemingly seperate panels, but keeps the waterproof characteristic aswell.

2 in 1 solution.

Committed staff helps you to meet your needs.

Your house, office, store will be unique! You don’t need to compromise! You may choose from a wide range of floorings (waterproof, comfortable, warmish).


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