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  • There is no emission?

    Either there is none or it is so low that it cannot harm you.

    The inside and the dashboard of your car is made from the same material!

  • What characteristics does vinyl have?
  • What does LVT and Vinyl mean

    LVT = luxuryvinyltiles.

    In America, it has been widely distributed for 25 years.

    It is so popular there, that more than 50% of newly built flats have vinyl flooring.

    Its structure is very similar to laminate flooring, only the carrier layer is different. That makes vinyl WATERPROOF.

  • What does CVC mean?

    We developed our click system for a long time.

    We first made clicks into hardened vinyl, but it was flexible and hard to install.

    Then we tried the material that is used for WPC-systems (outside stage flooring), but it wasn’t hard enough, so heavier furniture left a mark in it.

    The solution was the mixture of ceramic and stone powder. When adding this to the base vinyl material, the result was optimal hardness and minimal shrinkage, all the while keeping the warm flooring effect.

  • What does abrashion resistancy mean?

    The thicker wear layer on the vinyl floor means higher abrashion resistancy. The table below sums it up.

    0,35 mm – 32 abrashion resistancy

    0,55 mm – 33/41 abrashion resistancy

    0,70 mm – 34/42 abrashion resistancy

  • How to lay it?
  • How to swap it?

    The glued down version can be warmed up easily with a heat pistol so particluards planks are exchangable.

    Unfortunately, the click version has to be picked up to get to the replaceable plank.

  • Can it be installed on existing flooring?

    Stone tiles – yes

    Glue down version:

    • Self leveling primer is required here

    • The new flooring can be installed on it

    • Depending on the quaility of the stone tiles, the high of the new flooring will be minimum 5 mm.

    Click version:

    • if the old flooring is smooth, the underlay foil is enough under the click vinyl. This means 5-5,5 mm building high

    • If not, self levelig primer is needed. This means 8-8,5 mm building high

    Laminated flooring, carpet – no. It has to be picked up, then apply self leveling primer, then the new flooring can be installed.

    Old PVC floor – yes, if it is smooth and good quality floor.

  • Where do we recommend it?

    INSIDE, it can be installed in every interior. The most ideal (cost-effective) is the living room with American kitchen.


  • How to clean it?
  • What kind of glue can be used?

    We recommend our own glue with watery base, however, any glue compatibile with vinyl can be used.

  • How to cut it?

    The surface has to be scrached with a blade, and the plank will break along the scrach. An uneven surface can be achieved with a decoping saw.

  • Hogyan lehet viszonteladónk?

    KPlease contact Zoltán Bíró, tel: +36 20 529 6270;

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